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The Axe&D construction system revolutionizes conventional thinking in the design and construction of tertiary buildings, from offices to shopping malls and restaurants. Their clean architectural lines and brightly lit spaces set them apart from the norm. It is well-known that a company’s premises form its first and best means of advertising. While this is a new trend, it is gaining more and more traction, and Axe&D are ideally placed to harness the full range of our expertise on behalf of ever more original creations.

Axe&D construction system

A glance at two of our recent creations, L’Onyx and Le Quartz, highlights the appeal of Axe&D’s construction system within this sector. From the first, they are set apart from the norm by their architecture, original and brightly lit. Technically, this construction method can be extended to significant heights, limited only by the needs of the resident businesses and by urban planning guidelines. This thanks to wood’s ability to support bold creativity, the building’s structure resting on a rigid yet invisible central column. Turning to decoration, we find wood and glass harmonising perfectly with other elements in the form of minerals, metals, and plants, accentuating the natural style of the whole.

The construction of a tertiary building must meet the challenges of major transitions in the climate, energy, digital technology, work, finance and more...

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What are tertiary buildings?

A tertiary building is a structure reserved wholly or partly for tertiary activities. The tertiary sector is the 3rd largest sector of the French economy and encompasses a wide range of activities. The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) distinguishes between the commercial and non-commercial tertiary sectors

How strong is a timber tertiary building?

The earthquake-resistant qualities of timber construction, and in particular the "post-and-beam" construction system, explain the boom in building with timber in all sectors, far beyond the individual house. As a result, we are seeing the construction of timber towers soar towards heights of 60 m (approximately 197 ft), with new records set daily.