Woodworking in all its forms

Ateliers Dunoyer have been specialists in joinery, cabinetmaking, custom fittings, carpentry, roofs and zinc work for three generations. The spirit of craftsmanship is served by a unique industrial system. A place where progress meets tradition and engineering meets know-how.



Ateliers Dunoyer's many projects illustrate the variety offered by the family business in the field of interior and exterior joinery.



Whether you're looking to furnish a beautiful home, a shop, hotel, restaurant, company or professional premises in the Rhône-Alpes region, Ateliers Dunoyer offers hundreds of unique creations.


Carpentry & Building

Ateliers Dunoyer offers its expertise as a builder to companies or provides design services for the manufacture and installation of timber frames. This activity covers new construction sites, renovation projects, historic buildings and raising the height of existing buildings.


Roofing & zinc work

Ateliers Dunoyer offers roofing and zinc work services in a wide range of applications regardless of the material used: slate, shingles, lauze and other tiles of all kinds, copper and zinc.


As it has grown, Ateliers Dunoyer has retained the same spirit, embodying both family values and professionalism, and the same demand for quality and beauty.

Our Ateliers Dunoyer production workshops

Discover our three generations of woodworking expertise in joinery, cabinetmaking, fittings and carpentry.