Value your land

Invest in a local asset and enhance the value of your land. Groupe Dunoyer can help you in identifying land and in developing your property portfolio, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector and its involvement in the local economic fabric since 1955.

Sell your land

Sell your land

Step-by-step support through the entire process, from setting up the operation and financing to analysing the existing situation, not forgetting the urban and environmental issues involved, right up to the completion of the sale. Our expert in land strategy studies, optimizes and secures the sale of your plot, and guarantees realistic commitments in terms of opportunities and constraints, which are always taken into account. Our strength lies in our expertise and detailed understanding of building regulations, innovation in architecture and development projects, and our commitment to excellence.

Groupe Dunoyer designs eco-neighbourhoods where life is good, with a view to sustainable development and a long-term vision: an enhanced asset and an optimal living environment offering comfort and protected natural space.

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