Earthquake resistance

Groupe Dunoyer properties = earthquake-resistant construction

In many regions of France, building to standards designed to protect residents in the event of an earthquake is required by law. This is particularly true in mountainous regions and across much of the Mediterranean basin.

But for our company, applying them has always been a simple matter of common sense, as our construction system makes this precaution very easy to incorporate To be sure, we have even put one of our homes through a full-scale test (½ scale) that reproduced conditions far more violent than those of the strongest earthquake ever experienced in the world. The result was even better than we had imagined, as the house stayed in place and suffered only minor damage, without losing a single tile!

Take a look at a full-scale earthquake test of our Axe&D construction system.


The result: we can proudly label our houses and chalets with earthquake performance ratings that rank them among the best. In the face of such thankfully rare events, our buildings offer an additional degree of protection that could make all the difference. These qualities explain the boom in timber construction in all sectors, going well beyond the domain of individual homes. As a result, we are seeing the construction of timber towers soar towards heights of 60 m (approximately 197 ft), with new records set daily.

  • “Dissipative" structures

    Our timber constructions use an assembly system that supports and partially absorbs ground movements without breaking. This is known as "dissipative": reducing the effects of the forces to be combated by distributing them over the entire construction.

  • “Bends but doesn't break”

    The material itself, like the reed in the fable, "bends but doesn't break", avoiding the kind of collapse we see so often when earthquakes hit old towns and cities.

  • The lightness of a timber construction is directly related to its strength.

    Finally, the low mass of timber is also a huge advantage, as the lightness of a construction is directly related to its strength.