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Article published on February 22, 2020 at 2:37 PM

Article from the magazine Maison & Bois Spécial Chalet, written by Vincent Girardet

We touch on the sublime.

Respecting its motto "Architecture of light" to the letter, Ax&D signs with Le Diamant Noir a unique and sumptuous program, a piece of haute couture transposed to the world of wooden construction.

Visit this magnificent creation in Megève where images are worth more than words.

Luxury is found in the equipment and fittings, but not only. It is also found in the design. It takes talent and mastery to offer a chalet of such scale, contemporary without neglecting vernacular architecture while managing to blend perfectly into the landscape. And if the shape thus takes up the typology of mountain habitat, the interior surprises and is part of a contemporary partition where the use of a color palette between light gray and dark gray provides a very graphic image and rarely seen atmospheres.

Choosing Ax&D means entrusting your project to a manufacturer whose motto could be summed up as “The only know-how that is worth it is excellence. » And The Black Diamond is a wonderful example of this. It is a luxurious universe where decoration and technology come together to serve the occupants. Delicately placed in an exceptional environment overlooking Megève, its architecture discreetly finds its place in the middle of nature. The ebony color of the post-beam structure and the (brushed) spruce cladding also refers to the colors of the trees and the rock.

Ax&D retains, beyond the equipment and fittings, the presence of wood and the glass sails which punctuate the facades. The choice of “ebony” shades and the more or less pronounced effects of the wood’s veins make it possible to preserve the strength and warmth of the wood while offering a modernity unprecedented in the mountains. The effect is incredible and the light gives silvery touches to the elements.

The layout and decoration, treated in soft colors, accentuate the impression of absolute comfort. This balance results in total well-being. Furniture, layout and decoration come from the manufacturer's workshops and Espace 55, a unique design space dedicated to the art of living and which brings together, among other things, showrooms and decoration boutiques, restaurants and exhibitions. From an equipment and technology point of view, the chalet is equipped with a geothermal heating system, with a cooling system for rooms exposed to the sun. The Focus fireplace finds a natural place in this atmosphere. A very innovative KNX home automation system with remote control controls numerous devices
(heating, lighting, opening-closing, etc.). Finally, video and anti-intrusion surveillance can be viewed remotely.

The spaces are delimited by the supporting posts. This constructive system is an ode to transparency, but it is also, from a technical point of view, a process of great architectural flexibility and the greatest freedom of design is allowed. Internally, the framework allows you to create spaces open to each other and to immerse yourself in the landscape. Living room, living room and library communicate through large openings, while giving each place its own atmosphere. The finesse and lightness of the design also reside in the glazing which is inserted with surgical precision into the posts without a joinery frame. Finally, the harmony is perfect with the oak floors which extend onto the walls.

Ax&D has sublimated the post-beam system. These supporting elements give rhythm to the spaces and allow us to get rid of walls and partitions which slow down movements and block views. The result ? Largely open-plan volumes which promote areas of transparency and perspectives. The glued laminated wood elements (stained and brushed spruce) also contribute through their presence and robustness to “furnish” the spaces. Light, design and lightness!


If the most beautiful brands dress the place, the carpenters at Dunoyer are able to make fittings and furniture of unparalleled quality and precision. Kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, doors and windows, the company excels in the art of tailor-made and creates unique pieces. This kitchen alone sums up the care taken in the design and layout work.

The fittings take their form in one of the noblest species in the world, oak, tinted ebony for even more elegance.
Dressing rooms, doors, desk, another fine example of custom work by Dunoyer. 600 m² furnished to which are added 2 covered garages with 8 spaces and outdoor terraces. The complete program consists of a Master chalet and a Guest
cottage. The first offers two master and three en-suite bedrooms and the second has four bedrooms. Each of the five suites has its own style, but all share the same high level of comfort. The light is soft, adjustable during the day by blackout curtains and at night by very careful lighting. For the bathrooms we find Antoniolupi products.
Excellence at all levels!