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Article published on December 20, 2021 at 9:11 AM

Half-light Diamant Noir chalet, Megève

Overlooking Megève, the Diamant Noir chalet reveals the multiple facets of the Groupe Dunoyer and its satellite entities operating in Les Deux Savoie for more than 60 years. Among them, the architecture and construction company Axe&D, at the origin of these strong conceptual and aesthetic choices, carved in wood. Developed by Robert Dunoyer, carpenter personifying the second generation, the constructive principle of the company is part of singularity. From the so-called “poteaupoutre” mounting system, Robert Dunoyer developed in the 1980s an avant-garde technique based on a frame and a framework in glued laminated wood which, through their airy and robust presence, invites directly to the heart of the architectural project. transparency.

Absorbed in the finesse of the structural beams and posts with their increased load-bearing capacity, the fixed or opening frames become one with the architecture, creating a unique link with the exterior environment. A play of solids and voids freed from all load-bearing walls, which we find in this double chalet of 500 m2 with a minimalist look contrasting the natural light with the choice of stained brushed spruce and oak, tinted “ebony”. Shaped from top to bottom by the hands of the craftsmen and the high-performance tools of the Dunoyer workshop in Poisy, it rises four floors in search of the spectacular panorama. All the charm and all the meticulous finesse of this typology of implementation are illustrated by this paradoxical impression of evolving in an entirely wooden chalet, but as if suspended in the air. A sensation that is particularly felt under the ridge, in the heart of the master suite and in the day areas.

The advantage of the Groupe Dunoyer also remains this network of internalized skills and know-how. Architects, interior designers, decorators, fitters, artisan carpenters and joiners, work hand in hand to design a conceptual harmony that is not found anywhere else, conducive to the development of turnkey projects. At their side, local players sharing this same requirement, like Duret Électriqué specializing in technical, energy and home automation management in collaboration with the lighting designer Lumithèque, the fabric publisher Bisson Bruneel, the room specialist bathrooms Antoniolupi, the designer of decorative elements in natural skins and furs Norki or the Megevan upholsterer behind the Fiocco & Fils headboards. Everyone contributes to the eloquence of the places stylized by Annick Laurent who expresses all the nuances of “ebony” tinted wood through an evanescent textured decoration. More than a chalet, a lifestyle and a family story that they are keen to pass on to their customers.

The chalet takes its name from the omnipresent “ebony” color both on the stained spruce frame and framework, with a deliberately brushed finish to better reveal the rusticity of the wood, and on the oak paneling and parquet flooring. The decoration created by Annick Laurent plays on contrasts. Nostalgia pendant lights (Design Dima Loginoff - Lodes), chosen from Lumithèque. Elsie chairs and Gon table (Design Francesco Rota and Gabriele, Oscar Buratti, Paola Lenti). Painting by the artist Max Chapate. In the background, armchair and pedestal table (Flexform).

The kitchen, entirely carved by Dunoyer craftsmen, comes alive upon contact with stainless steel facades with an almost corked finish, which invites natural light into this more cozy room. Right: the use of refined sections makes it possible to embed large spans of sliding or fixed frames in the rebates in the light of multiplied glazing and solid walls, freeing the spaces from any visual clash. While integrating the lighting, produced by the Duret company and chosen from Lumitech. Angel Falls pendant lamp (Terzani at Lumithèque). Fireplace (Focus). Curtains in One polyester fabric (Bisson Bruneel). Beovision Television (Bang & Olufsen). Move sofa (Design Francesco Rota, Paola Lenti). Petrified wood coffee tables (Xyleia). Natural white sheep and lamb rug (Norki).

On the top level begins the territory of the master suite, access to which via the elevator leads straight to this reading corner, imagined as a panoramic promontory where all the airy charm of the Axe&D constructive process is evident. Guscioalto armchair and Bangkok pouf (Design Antonio Citterio, Flexform). Golden sheep rug (Norki). Under the ridge, the master suite also focuses on the panorama, an intimate belvedere haloed in the “ebony” hue. To wake it up, the embossed headboard, made by the carpentry workshop and made by the upholsterer Fiocco & Fils. Colorado Chamois curtains with Mohair wool (Bisson Bruneel). White fox blanket (Norki). Connected by a dressing room worthy of the name, the bathroom designed by Dunoyer features sinks and bathtub in Corian® (Antoniolupi). Scaletta towel dryer (Tubes).

At the same level as the day rooms and the entrance, this guest bedroom explores the black and white chromatic thread, as well as that of transparency, materialized by this streaking light breakthrough, bringing the chalet into modernity. Bed linen (Slabbink). Stretched fabric headboard. Beside it, the bathroom continues the aesthetic statement with its Corian® basins and its bathtub (Antoniolupi).

Located under the day rooms, the wellness area offers a rich range of services: sauna, hammam, sensory shower (Antoniolupi), in a very contemporary dimension, clad in marble-look porcelain stoneware. The Ago column-basin (Antoniolupi) acts as a link between the elements mentioned and the gym. The spa, created by Dunoyer and integrated into a leopard-print porcelain stoneware mantle, is this link between the main and guest chalets which revives with a light shade. It is the territory of relaxation with in particular the creation of a herbal tea, but also that of the landscape which readily crosses spaces by the large predominant ones.