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Article published on December 10, 2018 at 11:04 AM

Article taken from Maison & Bois magazine, written by Vincent Girardet

Chalets Dunoyer shares the same principles of excellence and high standards as all the Groupe Dunoyer brands. This is how chalets like the Morgan are built. A living space that goes beyond its function to become the ambassador of an art of living and a construction system. Magnificent!

Building at altitude is another world. The image it conveys, the strength it exudes and the use of timber make chalets more than just a place to live. They go beyond their function as housing to represent a way of life, the symbol of mountain living and, in a way, the ambassador of an age-old building system. And whether you are an owner or just dreaming about it, whether you are passionate about authenticity or love modern architecture, no one can resist these timber giants. Groupe Dunoyer is well aware of this and its Chalets Dunoyer brand has become a benchmark for top-of-the-range construction, like the Morgan chalet.

Dunoyer label

“It's 100% Dunoyer," explains Thomas Dunoyer. “We made the whole thing.” Nothing in the Morgan chalet has escaped the expert hands of the Groupe Dunoyer teams, whose strength lies in mastering every aspect of construction, from design to production, fitting out and decoration, right through to rental or sale via its Five Stars Agency. Groupe Dunoyer is a global concept that puts its expertise and know-how at the service of stunning and unique projects. "We set out to create a harmonious living environment. That's why we didn't want to use too many species or colours. And it’s why there's just one colour for the structure and another for the interior finishing, nothing more, nothing less.” The result is a light, elegant ambience. Harmony is achieved through a balance that plays on the contrast between the clarity of oak and the density of spruce. "We want to avoid a patchwork of woods and colours, so that there's coherence and consistency. Spruce is used for the post-and-beam structure and the floors, which are finished with a wood-tone stain. The spruce is also brushed to give it texture and highlight the grain. To provide counterbalance and brightness, we laid an oiled oak parquet floor, which we also used for the wall panelling, doors and headboards. The result is a unique ambience between dark and light wood, with effects that vary according to the light. Ultimately, when you add up all the fittings and decorations, which again were entirely orchestrated by us, you get a mountain residence with a very contemporary feel. Nothing is missing. All the future buyers have to do is unpack their suitcases.”

Chalets Dunoyer

Mountain construction has evolved over the decades. While tradition obviously persists, modernity has long since made its presence felt. The materials, equipment, fittings, organization, treatment and use of timber meet today's needs. Chalets Dunoyer understands this and has found the perfect balance between authenticity and current trends. These are the notions and values on which the company is built, and this is what buyers are looking for. They want a special atmosphere, a place that represents an art of living and building, a way of life and know-how. You cannot separate construction from comfort and ambience. All these elements are intimately linked. “Our chalets incorporate the original spirit of the mountain chalet, but through a resolutely contemporary technical and stylistic approach. This marriage of tradition and modernity makes Dunoyer different.” This approach, combining respect for the past and innovation, makes Chalets Dunoyer a label of excellence.

Dunoyer fittings and decoration

This marvellous chalet benefits from everything that makes the Group so special, including the made-to-measure interior fittings, furnishings and decoration sector with the Ligne Dunoyer. From bathrooms to kitchens, staircases, doors, cupboards and furniture – everything passes through the expert hands of our teams. The know-how, attention to detail and exacting standards of a chalet like the Morgan are the hallmarks of its high level of finish. The workmanship is remarkable, their knowledge of timber admirable. Added to this is Groupe Dunoyer’s ability to create rarely seen environments. "We select our furniture, sofas, armchairs, upholstery fabrics, objets d'art and other accessories in conjunction with leading design brands such as Asa, Baobab Collection, Bugatti, Claudia Barbari, Cobra Art, Culti, Flexform, Gardeco, Glas Italia, Guzzini, Joy Fragrances and more. Our 180m² showroom is located at Espace 55 in Poisy (opposite Grand Épagny). Ligne Dunoyer also offers a wide range of made-to-order products to suit all your preferences. Our teams of professionals are also able to offer a turnkey service, from project conception to completion.” Chalets Dunoyer gives its customers the choice of leaving the fittings to them, or providing a complete service, as with the Morgan chalet.