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Article published on January 17, 2024 at 10:47 AM

Construction of tailor-made chalets - The game of 7 families

A chalet is much more than a simple dwelling. Beyond time and fashion, it is a place where we come together as a family, a place teeming with memories, a sustainable construction in essence, it induces a certain lifestyle, whether XXL or mini, in short, a dream which is taking shape thanks to the know-how of seasoned builders, seven of them, who are certainly among the most beautiful achievements in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, giving us the keys.



Having created its own constructive mode; the Axe&D system, the Dunoyer company designs timber chalets and houses with a very contemporary signature, where wood and glass melt into light, a material in its own right. The company has even developed its own real estate agency, Five Stars Agency. Based near Annecy in Poisy, the group, created in 1955 by Louis Dunoyer then managed by his son Robert, is today under the leadership of his children Maeley and Thomas, who share the same passion for wood and the love of good work.

Date of creation of the company: in 1955 by Louis Dunoyer, the 3rd generation having taken over.

Number of chalets built: more than 1,500 properties in the plains, by the lake and the sea, and in the mountains of course.

Your reference constructions: "All of them and in particular the Chalet Mont-Blanc in Megève, an extraordinary achievement which represents our art of tailor-made".

Privileged construction area: mainly in Rhône-Alpes, Deux Savoie and Ain as well as in mountain resorts.

Technique: “The Axe&D system, a unique concept which allows you to do away with any load-bearing wall to create continuity between interior and exterior and an innovative and refined architectural signature.”

Average duration of a project: “Around a year, even if everything depends on the surface area of ​​the chalet”.

A piece of advice: "Find the balance between authenticity and tomorrow's trends to create a chalet representative of an art of living and an art of building, a way of life and know-how"

A species of wood: "In the mountains, spruce for the structure. For interior joinery, it could be oak, knowing that we adapt the wood species to the landscape and to the desires always for the sake of harmony" .

Alice Maurabito