How to maintain a wooden house?

Article published on May 30, 2022 at 3:11 PM

The maintenance of a wooden house is an important point that should not be overlooked. Checking the structure of a wood frame house will ensure a good longevity of the construction. The company Axe&D, builder of high-end properties, gives you advice on how to maintain your wooden house.

Regularly inspect your wooden house

On a wooden frame house, the majority of the elements are made with natural wood. You must therefore check the cladding and the visible wooden parts of your home over time. This allows you to ensure that they are in good condition. For this, it is recommended to inspect the siding, the wood frame, the windows, the parquet floor... By checking the condition of these elements, you are sure to keep your house as new, and thus, to increase the life of your wooden house.

Thanks to the exceptional and high-end houses offered by Axe&D, this regular maintenance is not necessary. The wood we use for the structure of your home is already treated in the factory by our professionals. We apply preventive treatments to the material that ensure its protection for many years. You will not run any risk of humidity, because the roof is made with solid and insulating quality materials. For siding or visible elements, regular maintenance is still recommended to take good care of the quality wood we use.

Check the condition of the exterior wooden elements

Siding, roofing, decking, windows and other wooden elements are constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, wind… In addition to being natural and aesthetic, wood has many other advantages. One of them is its insulating quality which it keeps even after several years.

The wood is treated upstream in our manufacturing workshops for better resistance. However, over time and under the effects of climatic conditions, the material ages and loses its aesthetic appearance. We advise you to use stain or paint. These maintenance products provide good protection for the wood. They can be applied to your interior and exterior wooden elements (your siding, your windows, your floor, etc.).

The stain makes the effects of the wood visible. This maintenance product allows your facade, your terrace and other wooden elements to keep their original color for at least 5 years. As for wood paint, it covers the entire surface of your wood frame house. Most often, the first coat of wood paint is already applied to the siding before the construction or renovation of your wooden house. It is applied as a preventive treatment and is factory-made by professionals. Regular maintenance over several years is still essential to keep your wooden house in excellent condition.

Make sure the house is well ventilated

Your timber frame house must therefore be well ventilated. Apart from the various openings, it must benefit from good ventilation at the level of the wooden floor. That's why at Axe&D, for the construction of our high-end wooden houses, we mount the floor several centimeters from the ground.

Maintaining a timber frame house therefore consists of regularly checking the structure. You must then apply preventive solutions and treatments if necessary, in particular on the cladding and the external elements. By calling on Axe&D, you are sure to have a top-of-the-range property built with quality materials.