Maeley DUNOYER, guest of the month in Enjoy magazine’s editorial

Article published on July 8, 2021 at 9:10 AM

Maeley DUNOYER, guest of the month in Enjoy magazine’s editorial

Maeley, tell us about your Axe&D construction system.

The Axe&D construction system, developed over 30 years ago by my father when he built up the family joinery and carpentry business, is based on the post-and-beam technique. This consists of assembling one vertical and one horizontal timber structure to form the "skeleton" of the building, allowing very large openings on the outside and vast spaces without any load-bearing walls. This construction technique offers many advantages:

 •A unique, contemporary “architecture of light”

 •Optimum sunlight all year round

 •A very cosy home, giving the impression of indoor/outdoor living

 •A wide range of modular spaces and volumes.

A great deal of technical detail goes into the structure and exterior joinery, in particular. Our guiding principle is to create buildings that are minimalist, beautiful, pure and in perfect harmony with their ever-changing environment. This philosophy is reflected in our finishes and the materials we use.

How did your Group adapt to the changes in behaviour brought about by the health crisis?

We've seen strong demand for individual homes, with a desire for outdoor space and the need for some people to work remotely. As we've always done, we adapt to the circumstances, lifestyles and needs of each of our customers, providing "tailor-made" support for their projects, including for customers from abroad and in different sectors. It’s also worth noting that the crisis did not cause any delays on our sites. In fact, we continued with every aspect of the business throughout, in both production and sales.

One of your areas of activity in particular is currently expanding, namely property development. What are Groupe Dunoyer's goals and strategies?

Through Axe&D, we've always been involved in property development, particularly for exceptional, top-quality properties in sought-after locations. In our constant quest for new technologies and innovations for the home, we are expanding our activities to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's markets. We are developing a number of projects, of different sizes and prices, but always with an eye to architectural and environmental quality and aesthetics.