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Article published on February 23, 2024 at 11:50 AM

Collection Construire l'audace by Dunoyer

Is there a more beautiful spectacle than that of nature? More beautiful light than natural lighting? The nature of our constructions magnifies both, says Robert Dunoyer. The start of free, a promise kept since 1955 by the Haute-Savoie company of the same name. This work is dedicated to this unique family, carpenter-joiner and builder-entrepreneur from father to son and from father to daughter. Through the emblematic projects of contemporary villas, chalets and hotels, this light architecture revealed in these pages becomes a testimony, an ode to wood, to precious human know-how and cutting-edge techniques, deployed in the workshops in Poisy , from the author Noëlle Bittner, former editor-in-chief of Côté Maison magazines. Here, the constructive principle of the Axe&D company, a satellite brand, takes on its full meaning: the post-beam assembly system, a technique developed by Robert Dunoyer in the 1980s, based on a frame and a frame in glued laminated wood , which, through their aerial and robust presence, invite transparency directly to the heart of the matter. On the thread of several themes, such as The insolent freedom to build, Living in the view or even Houses to live in, this book goes off the beaten track, like the Groupe Dunoyer, summarized by the graphic design of the cover.


On sale at Espace 55 à Poisy.
Construire l'audace by Dunoyer
texts by Noëlle Bittner, Editions Cosy,
artistic direction Laure Perrin,
168 pages, 23x30cm,

Anne-France Mayne | Domodeco