Post-beam house, what are the advantages?

Article published on May 17, 2018 at 8:59 AM

The post-beam system or Axe&D system is a construction technique inspired by the half-timbered buildings of Alsace, which offers a certain number of advantages compared to the traditional frame. It is based on the use of vertical posts of identical size, supporting wooden beams placed horizontally.

The wooden post-beam house: endless possibilities

The post-beam house is particularly appreciated for the great design freedom it offers. Indeed, as the beams are installed horizontally on vertical columns, the weight of the structure is evenly distributed. Consequently, there are no load-bearing walls, allowing a much more open floor plan to be designed.

Thanks to this flexible layout, the wooden post-beam house adapts to all needs and requirements. Whatever the desired style, from the most contemporary to the most rustic, it can be custom designed to perfectly match the wishes of its owner.

It is thus distinguished from other types of construction, such as the stacked solid wood house: in fact, the superposition of logs considerably limits the architectural possibilities.

An ecological construction technique

Built with local species of wood and operated responsibly, the post-beam house is a real ecological alternative to other types of construction. Wood is also a natural insulator, which protects better against the cold than certain materials such as concrete.

In addition, the post-beam system is particularly effective in preventing heat loss caused by thermal bridges. Indeed, a large thickness of insulating material can be placed in the space located between the uprights of the structure.

Imperceptible once the work is completed, this technique has many advantages. Firstly, it offers unequaled performance in terms of thermal and sound insulation. It also saves significant space in the living area of ​​the building.

Thus, the post-beam wooden house is an ideal low-energy building to meet environmental challenges. It is also a real asset for heating in winter, in the face of soaring energy prices.

A robust wooden house, for a long time

The post-timber system stands out for its great resistance to settling, as well as ground movements. Robustness due to the assembly of different interlocking systems, which guarantee the reliability of the supporting structure.

In addition to its solidity, it is a durable construction technique that requires only limited maintenance. Generally speaking, it is sufficient to treat the wood once every ten years.

An aesthetic and luminous wooden construction

With its large columns and massive beams, the post-beam house has a unique charm. It has a much less "industrial" appearance than other types of construction, such as the wooden frame house made up of panels.

In addition, its particular layout lends itself particularly well to large glass openings. The wooden house based on the post-beam technique (Axe&D system) built by Axe&D therefore makes it possible to create large bright spaces, making it a healthy and pleasant living environment in all seasons.