The 4 key steps to build your house

Article published on October 13, 2020 at 3:55 PM

You have a purchase project in the short, medium or long term, we will enlighten you on the subject! From gathering information to handing over the keys to your house, the construction of your future living space follows several stages, each as important as the next.


Determining your budget is the starting point for any real estate purchase. You will know your financial capacity and will be able to project yourself on the ideal house more easily. Make an appointment as soon as possible with your bank to talk to them about your project.


You are more of a country house or a housing estate on the outskirts of town? Finding your land is not an easy task, especially in Haute-Savoie where building land is becoming increasingly rare. The Maisons & Chalets Dunoyer builder can assist you in your search by offering a wide choice of land available for construction, both in the plains and in the mountains and in the Savoie, Haute Savoie and Ain sectors.


List the builders in your area and find out about the health of the company. Customer reputation, seniority or loyalty granted by suppliers are important criteria to take into account in your search. Dunoyer contemporary wooden houses have been established near Annecy since 1955 and offer a unique architectural line thanks to a construction system based on the post-beam technique.

The construction contract provides a lot of security and spares you all the administrative procedures. This "CMI" contract also allows you to have a single point of contact throughout the construction phase, the site workers are supervised directly by the builder. You will visit the construction site of your house with a free spirit!