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Article published on June 24, 2022 at 8:53 AM

Article taken from TENDANCE magazine no. 22 Summer special

The timber chalet remains a lifestyle.

This brand is at the origin of Groupe Dunoyer and continues to develop the know-how of its woodworking specialists, while maintaining a craftsman's approach to quality and service. Chalets Dunoyer is expanding its new-build properties in the heart of renowned Alpine resorts (including Châtel, Combloux, Megève, Saint-Gervais and Chamonix) and also offers decorated interiors for sale.

Chalets Dunoyer uses the concept of the post-and-beam system for maximum light and optimum warmth. This principle can be applied without detracting from the traditional, customized mountain chalet architecture, while adding a contemporary touch to capture the maximum amount of light.  Chalets Dunoyer's architectural signature truly stands out, while complying with the urban planning constraints applicable to mountain communities (facade colours, solid frames, brushed wood, etc.), 

Chalets Dunoyer is adapting to the new needs of working people looking for a better way of life – a lifestyle that prompts them to escape to the mountains.  Chalets Dunoyer designs friendly, comfortable family homes to meet individual requirements, such as a large living area, an office, plenty of storage space, a ground-floor bedroom and an upper floor for children and friends. An ideal place for remote working, with complete peace of mind. More than a purely traditional mountain home, a Chalets Dunoyer house is a new take on the chalet, set in a breathtaking location with an interior that exudes warmth and intimacy. An undeniably different twist on the chalet.

Tendance Magazine n°22 summer issue

In a marriage of modernity and tradition, Chalets Dunoyer reinvents this particular type of housing through a resolutely contemporary technical and stylistic approach.