What is a contemporary house?

Article published on March 5, 2021 at 4:36 PM

A contemporary house is a construction which integrates in its realization the architectural tendencies of our time. However, these houses are not only a reflection of our times. They are inspired by modern, industrial or traditional style to offer the innovative and comfortable living environment coveted today. Definition, characteristics of the architecture, building materials, price… Maisons Dunoyer tells you about the contemporary house.

Since we live in modern times, it is common for many people to mistakenly confuse the contemporary home with the modern home. The modern style refers to an avant-garde architecture that emphasizes the purity of design and the functionalism of construction. More precisely, the modern architectural trend was born in the 1920s and lasted until the 1960s.

The contemporary style is mainly inspired by modernism, but will not hesitate to borrow codes from other architectural currents if necessary. For the construction of a contemporary house, we often try to find an excellent arrangement between innovative techniques and revisited traditional techniques. Contemporary houses favor the well-being and comfort of the inhabitants through the use of noble materials, open architecture and home automation. If you need a builder of contemporary houses in Haute-Savoie, you can call on our services.

The cubic house with a flat roof or the rectangular house with two slopes are frequently encountered models of contemporary houses. Irregular facade, geometric shapes with straight and clean lines, bay windows, wide openings, terrace, green roof, one-color or two-tone paint… These are the main characteristics of this architecture.

The advantages of the contemporary house

Taking up the principles of modern construction, contemporary houses will delight owners looking for spacious living rooms. The volume of each room can indeed vary between 15 m² and 50 m² depending on the degree of optimization of the desired surface. The airy design of contemporary architecture gives pride of place to vast and open spaces whether it is a kitchen, dressing room or living room. Something to feel a sense of freedom at home.

The contemporary home also appeals with the multiple customization options it offers during construction. Without obeying a well-defined architectural convention, the contemporary style makes it possible to create an individual space suitable for all your needs. You can also contact Maisons Dunoyer if necessary. We bring all your projects to life.

Materials, roofing, shape, layout, it is possible to customize the models of contemporary houses offered as desired. You can even choose the ideal house shape: U-shaped, L-shaped, H-shaped, etc. Thanks to home automation, these houses are also more intelligent, practical and easy to live with than a traditional construction.

Building materials

Noble building materials are recommended here for their natural character and durability. The best choice is probably wood. This beautiful, warm and resistant material, which is easy to work with, allows unique contemporary constructions. Wood is an excellent insulator which aesthetically offers a multitude of pure and exceptional finishes.

Trust the know-how of Maisons Dunoyer for the construction of your contemporary custom-made wooden house. Our high degree of expertise as well as our rich experience (more than 65 years of activity) are the guarantee of total satisfaction. Whether for turnkey projects or individual houses, the quality of our timber construction offer is exemplary. Our constructions use the "Axe&D system" technique, which efficiently organizes space and optimizes the quality of life in your home. Choosing Maisons Dunoyer means choosing a unique and sustainable architecture for your contemporary wood construction project.

Insulation and energy performance of the contemporary house

Contemporary architecture takes into account current environmental issues to reduce the energy consumption of the building as much as possible. The requirements of certain labels/standards (BEPOS, HQE, RE2020, BBC, etc.) must be respected for contemporary houses. For example, for heating, some homeowners choose the passive house principle. The latter stipulates that the heat provided by the exterior of the dwelling and that released by the interior are entirely sufficient for heating. There is therefore no longer any need to search for additional heat sources.

The thermal insulation of this house is based on various ecological devices: electrochromic glazing, Canadian or Provençal wells, air-to-water heat pump, etc. Glazed facades are commonplace in this type of construction. Bays or large glass windows allow a significant influx of natural light at the right time. This reduces the use of electrical energy for lighting.

On average, energy savings vary between 20% and 30% compared to a traditional house. The contemporary house is also intended to be energy independent thanks to renewable sources such as wind, solar or geothermal energy.

The price of a house

The prices charged vary according to several parameters:

  • the location of the building
  • the materials to be used
  • the area of ​​the house
  • the degree of automation
  • builder's labor costs
  • the topography of the construction site
  • installed energy performance equipment

For better cost control, be accompanied throughout the work by a serious and competent specialized professional like Maisons Dunoyer. Thanks to our services, you are sure to benefit from the best construction solutions with an excellent quality-price ratio.