What is an architect-designed villa?

Article published on April 16, 2021 at 1:47 PM

An architect-designed villa is a modern house built by an architect based on an innovative concept in terms of design, materials and equipment. It stands out for its unique architecture and its very personalized character which meets all the needs of its owner. Choosing to have this type of house built by an architect-builder like Axe&D has many benefits.

The advantages of an architect-designed villa

Using an architect-designed home builder offers four main benefits. This type of project allows you to:

  • enjoy a tailor-made and unique home
  • benefit from expert advice for your real estate project and total control of the “post-beam”
  • save time in carrying out work with a project carried out from A to Z in our workshops
  • realize a significant capital gain in the event of resale of the villa

With Ax&D, you are sure to seek the services of a professional to create the architect-designed villa of your dreams. The advantages of an architect-designed villa are much more remarkable than those of a standard house. Its market value is better and represents an excellent real estate investment.

When should you contact an architect to build your villa?

According to regulations in France, you must call on an architect for any construction whose floor area exceeds the threshold of 150 m². With Axe&D, this choice is a natural choice for any future owner of a new home who wishes to benefit from support from the initial design of personalized plans to the details of the interior design.

The architect makes it possible to build houses whose characteristics are adapted to the land and the environment. You must therefore call on it to minimize the risks of climatic hazards in your future home. The architectural professional can submit plans (two-story or single-story houses) that he has created for your consideration. He can also create a tailor-made plan based on your design ideas and needs.

For any new real estate purchase project or construction of a new property, we are able to provide you with our expertise and professionalism.

Architect's villa plans

The first characteristic of an architect-designed house is that it meets the needs and desires of its owners down to the smallest detail. In fact, the professional listens to the idea his client has about his dream home to set up a 3D real estate project. The future owner will thus be able to read the plans proposed by his architect in order to amend them. He will therefore be able to ensure that the style of architecture, the surface area of ​​the rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), their layout and their orientation suit him.

The role of the architect at Ax&D

The architect brings his know-how from innovation to design. He also gives advice to his client on optimizing volumes, materials and wood to use in order to promote energy savings.

The architect plays the role of project owner to ensure that the construction of the house takes place in the best conditions until delivery of the villa.

The architectural styles of the architect's villa

A modern or contemporary architect-designed villa is very often characterized by a flat roof and unusual (or atypical) shapes. It also has large glazed surfaces and is designed with a perfect combination of modern and traditional equipment. Steel and wood are widely used for this type of construction. The use of innovative materials such as cellular concrete, ecological tiling, single-wall brick or even high-temperature treated wood is also common.

For your real estate project, Axe&D offers you a unique and modern architectural line: discover our styles of architect-designed villas on our site.
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