Contracts & warranties

Individual house construction contract (CCMI)

An individual house builder is your single point of contact for your project, from design to delivery. They take full responsibility for the work they carry out themselves or have completed by partner companies. They make a formal commitment regarding their contractors and subcontractors. As part of your building project with Groupe Dunoyer, you will sign an Individual House Construction Contract. This contract is accompanied by a description and information leaflet, as well as plans for the house. Everything is completed and signed by both parties. These documents will be sent to you by registered mail.


Benefits of the CMI

The CMI (Individual House Construction) contract therefore offers a guarantee of full completion – a global, fixed and definitive price, and a firm and final delivery deadline. This also makes it easier for you to secure financing: payments made under a CMI contract are regulated and the law sets the maximum amount payable at each stage of construction.


With Groupe Dunoyer (Axe&D properties, houses & chalets), you benefit from a unique and unrivalled level of security for each of the following guarantees, which are included in all our contracts and made compulsory by the 1990 law.

  • Deposit refund guarantee

    In the event of non-fulfilment of one of the conditions precedent or during the statutory withdrawal period.

  • Guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and time

    A mandatory guarantee: a commitment by the housebuilder to comply scrupulously with the prices, deadlines and specifications stated in the contract, with penalties payable for any breach.

  • Builder’s liability insurance

    This is an essential and compulsory warranty to ensure that all repair work carried out during the ten-year warranty period is covered, even before the responsibilities attributable to each of the parties involved are determined.

  • Ten-year warranty

    The reassurance of being covered, for 10 years from the date of delivery of your home, against any damage that would compromise the solidity of your property or render it unfit for its intended use.

  • Subcontractor payment bond

    A surety bond from a qualified and approved institution guaranteeing full payment of sums due to subcontractors, to ensure that work can continue in the event of default by the builder.

  • Comprehensive home insurance

    An insurance company at the cutting edge of real estate and a construction specialist who is fully familiar with the qualities of our timber houses and chalets to offer a maximum level of protection, far superior to conventional standard contracts.