Build your own traditional or contemporary mountain chalet


Chalets are a housing style like no other. It’s all about hearing one’s footsteps on the floorboards, the fragrance and warmth of wood, a sensation of sublime comfort and total well-being.


Tradition & innovation

The wooden chalet is a world apart, metaphorically half the world away, in the construction sector. When Dunoyer designed and built its first wooden chalets, it was well aware of the responsibility it was taking on.

Dunoyer had understood that buyers were looking for special places to live, homes that symbolised an ideal lifestyle to which they aspired. Later on, the “Chalets Dunoyer” brand came into being and was coherent with this basic principle. In this context, simply reproducing what has already been done in the past, creating pastiches, is not good enough. Chalets Dunoyer wants to keep the chalet tradition alive but, at the same time, it aims to keep refreshing the concept. The chalets it builds thus take into consideration the original spirit of the mountain chalet, but through a resolutely contemporary technical and stylistic approach.

This marriage of tradition and modernity makes Dunoyer different.


Know-how & quality

The family business has thus managed to grow, maintaining an artisanal approach, and continuing to be very attached to grand ideas of personal service and high quality. All stages of chalet construction, from the design phase to execution, are managed in-house, starting, of course, with the architectural side of things in our design office, then pre-assembly in our carpentry/roofing workshop and lastly, of course, on-site assembly.


A story, a lifestyle

The beauty and the quality of a chalet bear no relation to its size. Chalets Dunoyer executes the most extravagant and also the most discreet projects. And everything in between as well! A project’s limits are set by the client. This is why the builds that have been completed by Chalets Dunoyer cover a very wide range, both in terms of size and of style, and have implemented both traditional and contemporary architectural styles.
Our designer can supplement the architectural project with personalised internal design, lay-out and decoration services, if need be.

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Our offers

Hameau du Génépi in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
From €1,900,000
La Clusaz
Ski-in ski-out chalet in La Clusaz
From €1,900,000
Crest-Voland Cohennoz
Chalets du Soleil in Crest-Voland Cohennoz ski area
From €1,530,000
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Individual house and off-plan contracts

An individual house builder is your single point of contact for your project, from design to delivery. They take full responsibility for the work they carry out themselves or have completed by partner companies. As part of your project to build a Dunoyer contemporary timber home, you will sign either a Contrat de Construction de Maison Individuelle (Individual House Construction Contract – CCMI) or a Contrat de Vente en l'Etat Futur d'Achèvement (Off-Plan Contract – VEFA) to offer you a guarantee of perfect completion – a firm and definitive overall price and a clear delivery deadline. The CMI (Individual House Construction) contract is used when you already own your plot of land, or when we offer you a plot through our land partners. This contract is accompanied by a description and information leaflet, as well as plans for the house. This makes it easier for you to secure financing: payments are regulated and the law sets the maximum amount payable at each stage of construction. The VEFA contract is used when you buy a property off-plan. Groupe Dunoyer takes charge of the entire project, from land acquisition to construction and delivery. You finance the construction as the works progress, and benefit from reduced notary fees.

What insurance and guarantees does your builder offer?

With Chalets Dunoyer, you benefit from an unrivalled level of security and guarantee. Our after-sales service department is om hand to ensure that your property meets all the essential and compulsory guarantees on delivery: good working order, full completion, ten-year warranty and builder’s liability insurance.

Why build a Dunoyer contemporary chalet?

Timber is a material renowned for its durability and insulating performance, but we also appreciate it for its beauty, diversity and comfort. The Axe&D construction system used to build our homes has proven its earthquake resistance (full-scale test). The architectural style of our buildings offers the perfect solution throughout the year, so you can enjoy the sun in winter when you need it, and protect yourself from it in summer, thanks to wide overhanging roofs. We were building with timber long before the energy situation raised its profile, as well as using the innovative construction methods that are so popular today. This experience provides an additional guarantee of our expertise. We are the only builders to use an in-house technique for painting structural timbers in our production workshops. By treating the timber in its entirety upstream, invisible and interlocking parts are treated in the same way, guaranteeing extreme durability.

Guarantees & insurance

Our local roots, our proximity to the mountains and our know-how mean we can provide impeccable project management. All chalet construction phases are carried out in-house to guarantee high standards and performance, short manufacturing and contract lead times, and secure guarantees.

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