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With over 65 years’ experience, during which its current know-how has obviously been built up, Groupe Dunoyer has some serious arguments to back up its expertise.


The spirit of Dunoyer

Timber – an inherently fine material and the epitome of creativity – is well known for its ability to be transformed into joinery or fittings, carpentry or timber construction.

As a master in all these transformations, Groupe Dunoyer has embodied the material that gave it its name since 1955, with that difference in skill and know-how that we also call talent. The talent of a company whose development is part of a perpetual forward movement. The talent of its people, driven by the same uncompromising spirit of quality. And finally, the talent of diverse and complementary activities that enable us to offer you both wide-ranging and more specialized services.



People and a high-performance production tool

Groupe Dunoyer has retained its spirit as a family business. This translates into loyal teams, who feel at home in our workshops and offices. Here, we know each other, we are used to working as a team and everyone knows their role and responsibilities perfectly.

The constantly updated machinery fleet is impressive. It not able enables us to produce everything in-house – from carpentry to joinery, fittings and furniture – but also offers very high performance, whether in terms of window profiling (single, double or triple glazing), carpentry work or surface timber treatments (sanding, brushing, varnishing and painting). The result: total control of production and a level of quality that would be impossible without this level of integration.

The skilful balance between craftsmanship and the very best in cutting-edge technology, combined with timber as a natural, hard-wearing material, means everything is possible: from joinery and carpentry to zinc work and the fitting of bespoke furniture, from new-build projects to the complete renovation of old buildings, and from individual to BtoB projects.

Proximity, transparency & trust

Groupe Dunoyer is your unique partner.

From the design and conception of your project, created by our in-house architects and engineering department, to the manufacturing stages in our workshops, on-site assembly and after-sales service, we manage every stage to support you throughout your entire project. All our trades work to a high level of quality, with outstanding interactions between each of our experts.

The location of our head office in Poisy / Annecy allows us to offer you a guided tour of our production workshops and to show you in detail our quality standards and the beauty of our work, from our manufacturing process to the Axe&D construction system, the choice of materials combining high technology and environmental considerations, meeting with our passionate teams and more.

The team will do its utmost to ensure that the construction of your property or the layout of your establishment becomes a pleasant and unique memory for you. This spirit of craftsmanship guarantees direct dialogue, quick answers to your questions, and short, well-managed lead times.


Axe&D construction system

A highly technical culture

To work with timber properly, you need to know everything about it. By applying this principle, Groupe Dunoyer has been able to innovate in multiple fields, for example, with its own Axe&D system construction system, based on the "post-and-beam" technique, which is used on Axe&D properties, Dunoyer houses and chalets. Without going into too much detail, it involves assembling two beam structures, one vertical and the other horizontal, which will form the "skeleton" of the house. You only have to look at the care and ingenuity with which this system has been designed to understand its appeal. The same requirement guides the design office in other areas.

Total freedom as regards the lay-out of the interior, with large open spaces and custom partitioning, which can be modified subsequently if required. A unique style, with combinations that employ as much window surface area as possible, to take full advantage of the environment, as well as cosier interior layouts. Anything is possible when there are no constraints;


Requirements & safety

A reputation to match its demand for quality:

  • More than 1,500 custom-built properties, houses and chalets
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  • Earthquake-resistant construction: real ½-scale tests carried out on properties built with the Axe&D system
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  •  Compliance with RE2020 environmental regulations
  • Timber: a natural, beautiful and insulating material, with control over its sourcing to optimize its carbon impact.
  • Guarantees and insurance for peace of mind during the build deposit refund guarantee, delivery at the agreed price and time guarantee, biennial and ten-year guarantees, subcontractor payment bond and builder’s liability insurance.
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Behind all these aspects lies an impalpable element, difficult to define, but of paramount importance. For Groupe Dunoyer, it is all about expressing its difference, through an absolute commitment to quality and aesthetics. To see for yourself, just take a look at the creations produced under each of our brands.

Nous ne pouvons qu’exprimer notre satisfaction et notre reconnaissance au Groupe Dunoyer ! Le soin apporté à la définition du projet, l’écoute attentive et la patience auront été cruciaux, tant les premières étapes du projet sont importantes... À plusieurs occasions, nous avons pu observer que le niveau d’exigence de nos interlocuteurs dépassait le notre ! Une relation de confiance en a résulté, qui a certainement largement contribué au résultat final. Bien entendu, le Groupe Dunoyer dispose d’un réservoir d’artisans exceptionnels et de procédés de fabrications solides et bien rodés.