Build your own custom, contemporary timber house


The beauty of timber, clean contemporary lines, optimized spaces and an efficient energy system. Les Maisons Dunoyer are infinitely adaptable to meet the priorities of each individual and the environment.


An architectural signature that is instantly recognizable.

Les Maisons Dunoyer offer unique architecture thanks to the Axe&D system, a construction process based on the "post-and-beam" technique.
Filled with light thanks to their large openings and with all the warmth and durability of timber, they are sure to win your heart and give you a sense of complete well-being. A unique living atmosphere created by panoramic views of the outdoors, accentuated by natural light. More than a traditional home, these are tailor-made houses that adapt to the family's lifestyle and perfectly meet each individual's needs, in a highly personalized way. Les Maisons Dunoyer represent a beautiful and intelligent conception of the housing of the future.

Kkow-how & quality

All our trades work to a high level of quality, with outstanding interactions between each of our experts. Groupe Dunoyer is your unique partner. From the design of your home imagined by our architects, right through to full construction, we have the skills to handle every stage in-house, to support you throughout your project.
Each property is entirely designed in our workshops near Annecy in Haute-Savoie (74), a state-of-the-art machining centre combined with the craftsmanship of our staff, ensuring that our products adhere to the strictest sustainability standards.

A contemporary timber home in your own personal style

The interpretations and variations of Dunoyer contemporary homes are infinite: from surface area to style, colour and materials, the choice is yours. Our team of experts will guide you in adapting to the plot and environment, so that together we can make your dream building project a reality.
Our interior designer can also be involved in the design and decoration of your project, from concept to completion.

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Our offers

Contemporary house in Dingy-Saint-Clair
House in Archamps next to the Swiss border
From €1,050,000
Sciez | Lake Geneva
Close to Lake Geneva in Sciez
Mouxy | Aix-les-Bains
Mouxy near Aix-les-Bains
House in Quintal near Vieugy
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Individual house and off-plan contracts

An individual house builder is your single point of contact for your project, from design to delivery. They take full responsibility for the work they carry out themselves or have completed by partner companies. As part of your project to build a Dunoyer contemporary timber home, you will sign either a Contrat de Construction de Maison Individuelle (Individual House Construction Contract – CCMI) or a Contrat de Vente en l'Etat Futur d'Achèvement (Off-Plan Contract – VEFA) to offer you a guarantee of perfect completion – a firm and definitive overall price and a clear delivery deadline.

The CMI (Individual House Construction) contract is used when you already own your plot of land, or when we offer you a plot through our land partners. This contract is accompanied by a description and information leaflet, as well as plans for the house. This makes it easier for you to secure financing: payments are regulated and the law sets the maximum amount payable at each stage of construction.

The VEFA contract is used when you buy a property off-plan. Groupe Dunoyer takes charge of the entire project, from land acquisition to construction and delivery. You finance the construction as the works progress, and benefit from reduced notary fees.

What insurance and guarantees does your builder offer?

With Maisons Dunoyer, you benefit from an unrivalled level of security and guarantee. Our after-sales service department is om hand to ensure that your property meets all the essential and compulsory guarantees on delivery: good working order, full completion, ten-year warranty and builder’s liability insurance.

Why build a Dunoyer timber home?

Timber is a material renowned for its durability and insulating performance, but we also appreciate it for its beauty, diversity and comfort. The Axe&D construction system used to build our homes has proven its earthquake resistance (full-scale test). The architectural style of our buildings offers the perfect solution throughout the year, so you can enjoy the sun in winter when you need it, and protect yourself from it in summer, thanks to wide overhanging roofs. We were building with timber long before the energy situation raised its profile, as well as using the innovative construction methods that are so popular today. This experience provides an additional guarantee of our expertise. We are the only builders to use an in-house technique for painting structural timbers in our production workshops. By treating the timber in its entirety upstream, invisible and interlocking parts are treated in the same way, guaranteeing extreme durability.

Guarantees & insurance

Thanks to our expertise and our 1,500 homes built using our own Axe&D system, you benefit from an unrivalled set of guarantees: the ingenuity and quality of our homes, support and design for the entire project, and optimum delivery times.

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